Introducing the M5! Our super thin iPhone X case made of the super strength Aramid Fiber. At 0.75mm it's as thick as a credit card and your phone will feel light and extremely smooth every time you reach for it
Matte Black

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Super Thin iPhone X Case

You might forget you have an M5 Slim Case on. At 0.75mm it's the thickness of a credit card and keeps your phone super light and accessible.

Brand Free

Enjoy the minimalist finish in keeping the skin brand free. This super clean, and simple cover makes a strong addition to the minimal collection of products we offer.

Smooth Grip

Enjoy a true premium finish on the M5. The grip is super smooth and comfortable, providing the perfect amount of grip. You won't want to put it down.

Perfect Fit

The M5 is designed specifically for each phone and has a snug fit. Needing just a few snaps on each corner of the case, your M5 will be installed on your iPhone X in just a few seconds.

Wireless Charging

Works with wireless chargers so you won't be slowed down

Mighty Strong

The super strength Aramid Fiber is a common material used in military grade equipment and at its same thickness is stronger than steel.

Precise Details

We've made the perfect cutouts for the M5 skin to match the important hardware of the iPhone. Each one is carefully shaped, and makes important controls from the phone accessible through the cover.

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