How this started

If you’re like us, you probably carry your phone with you everywhere you go, use it throughout the day and maybe even feel like somethings missing when its not around. They've become a huge part of our lives and keeping them in great condition allows us to use them for years to come and also helps us preserve their value when it comes time to upgrade.

It was always important for us to protect and preserve the important things in our lives. However when it came to protecting our phones, we noticed a problem - for years protection meant wrapping them in bulky, unnecessarily heavy cases that made them difficult to hold and a pain to carry around. This led us to think about a sweet spot between the protection you get from bulky cases and the style that phone makers painstakingly invest their time into.  And after many hours of work and research, we believe our super thin phone cases is this sweet spot.

As minimalists, creatives and nerds (not necessarily in that order) we believe the best products are the ones that seamlessly blend into our lives and we're confident to say that our cases do just that.   

We appreciate your support and truly hope you enjoy your purchase!

With much love, from California. Thanks!